The Red Line Courses are designed to place your training into the context of a realistic critical incident. These courses focus on situations that most adversely affect performance: low light, unseen aggressors, environmental obstacles, psychological stressors, emotional stressors, and rapid decision-making under all these conditions.

Everything we cover is supported by scientific research.

Throughout this series, you will become a stronger, more self-reliant individual. You will know how to recognize the actual threats you may face in real life, and better prepare for them.

All Red Line Courses include:

  • Preliminary interview and personality assessment
  • Academic presentation on critical incidents
  • Technical instruction
  • Critical incident simulation
  • After Action Report ,debriefing and a written post course assessment

Red Line Course, “Warrior”. Sunday, November 11th, 2018, San Diego, CA

This is a one day empty hand combatives training course. The course will cover the various elements of empty hand fighting including; striking, clinch, take-down, and grappling. The course will cover the psychological element of non-sport empty hand combat, the autonomic nervous system response, and effective techniques to enhance performance in such an encounter.


Red Line Close: Warrior

This course is designed to prepare you for an unarmed self-defense confrontation. There are lots of good martial arts training centers out there, but the one thing they all lack is realism. No uniforms, no rituals, this course will focus you on the most effective techniques for a real self-defense encounter. This is a very raw and simple approach to empty hand combat.

Warrior covers:

  • The statistically most likely contexts for a fight
  • Common myths about self-defense performance
  • The most effective techniques for survival
  • Psychological readiness
  • The hierarchy of attack and other principles of close quarters fighting
  • The effects of the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system on performance
  • Striking, clinching, take down, and grappling techniques effective in a dynamic self-defense scenario
  • Legal consequences
  • Psychological consequences
  • Realistic force-on-force simulation training




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