We have a simple training philosophy and that philosophy is “simplicity.” We believe in developing combatives skill sets that will function under pressure, and we believe in testing them under pressure. No matter your training background we believe we can help you improve the focus and effectiveness of your training! We base our program on the best available research on violent conflict to put the ‘martial’ back in ‘martial arts’. We design our courses to build our students to high functionality for the threats they actually face.

Our operating principle is that fighting is fighting. This means that all skill sets you expect to use in a self-defense context must integrate. There needs to be a seamless connection between disparate skills and disciplines. If you train with an expert in one discipline then you are fortunate to do so, we provide the expertise to integrate this with other skills and disciplines that may make the critical difference for you.

We use the best available research on human psychology and physiology to ready you for the psychological and bio-chemical rigors of a confrontation, how to manage them, and move from “freeze” to “succeed”. No matter where you are starting, be it beginner or expert, our training will help you focus more on the “how” than the “what”. We move beyond the tribal and dogmatic approach to martial arts and help you adapt the skills you have to the problems you will likely face.

We offer a personal approach to training. We conduct pre-course interviews that will allow us to understand you better, your personality, and your baseline abilities to deal with the risks you actually face. Our training will focus on your specific goals and needs. Our post course debriefing will give you individualized feedback on your performance as well as the ongoing steps you can take to continue to improve and reach your goals.

– Alex Trafton

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