The Red Line Courses are designed to place your training into the context of a realistic critical incident. These courses focus on situations that most adversely affect performance: low light, unseen aggressors, environmental obstacles, psychological stressors, emotional stressors, and rapid decision-making under all these conditions.

Everything we cover is supported by scientific research.

Throughout this series, you will become a stronger, more self-reliant individual. You will know how to recognize the actual threats you may face in real life, and better prepare for them.

All Red Line Courses include:

  • Preliminary interview and personality assessment
  • Academic presentation on critical incidents
  • Technical instruction
  • Critical incident simulation
  • After Action Report ,debriefing and a written post course assessment

Red Line Course ‘Knife Fighter’ Sydney Australia, Nov. 4th, 2018

This is an advanced edged weapons course which will teach both offensive and defensive principles with an edged weapon. You will learn about which techniques are most dangerous and which wound patterns produce the highest lethality. You will learn basic trauma medicine techniques to help keep you alive in the aftermath of an edged weapons encounter. You will also learn about the effects of your autonomic response to the stress levels involved in a deadly force encounter and how best to manage them for improved performance in a critical incident. This course will run from 2:00pm to 8:00pm, location is not-disclosed but will be in Sydney, Australia.


More about the course

This course is designed to prepare edged weapons practitioners to use their personal defense tools in the most likely contexts of self-defense. You will learn what you don’t in your edged weapons classes. This course will change how you think about edged weapons and their role in self-defense. You will focus on simple and effective use of the edged weapon and how to use it when it really counts.

Knife Fighter covers:

  • Realistic range and scenario for edged weapon use
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Psychological readiness
  • Blood loss tables relative to SNS stimulation
  • Effects of autonomic and sympathetic nervous system on performance
  • How to deploy an edged weapon in a self-defense scenario
  • How to use an edged weapon to deter or stop an assault
  • Analysis of wound patterns relative to lethality
  • How to defend against common stabbing attacks
  • Legal consequences
  • Psychological consequences
  • Realistic force-on-force simulation training.
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