The Red Line Courses are designed to place your training into the context of a realistic critical incident. These courses focus on situations that most adversely affect performance: low light, unseen aggressors, environmental obstacles, psychological stressors, emotional stressors, and rapid decision-making under all these conditions.

Everything we cover is supported by scientific research.

Throughout this series, you will become a stronger, more self-reliant individual. You will know how to recognize the actual threats you may face in real life, and better prepare for them.

All Red Line Courses include:

  • Preliminary interview and personality assessment
  • Academic presentation on critical incidents
  • Technical instruction
  • Critical incident simulation
  • After Action Report ,debriefing and a written post course assessment

Red Line Course ‘Gunfighter’, Sunday, October 7th, 9:00am

This is a force-on-force urban pistol simulation course. This is for shooters with a beginner to intermediate baseline skill set with a pistol. You will learn about your autonomic responses to stress and how these will hamper your shooting abilities. You will learn what rules are absolute and which are not. You will learn the basics of weapon retention and close quarters combatives techniques to allow you to deploy your firearm and use it effectively. You will then be put through our urban combat simulation courses where you will engage live targets in simulated gun fights with varying degrees of environmental stress to see where you skills and tactics break down. The product will be increased stress inoculation as well as a greater appreciation for our realistic training method.


About Red Line Course: Gunfighter

This course is designed to prepare shooters and firearms owners to use their personal weapons in the most likely context of self-defense. Most homicides occur in a domestic residence, how often do you train in such an environment, under adverse circumstance? Well in this course you will. Low light, multiple aggressors, extreme psychological stress, and split second decision making.

Gunfighter covers:

  • Learning and understanding the most likely self-defense scenarios
  • Mental preparation for the stress of a close quarters pistol engagement
  • How the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system affect performance with a firearm
  • How distortions of perception will affect your shooting fundamentals
  • Operating in low light conditions
  • Integrating combatives with your firearm
  • Legal consequences
  • Psychological consequences
  • Realistic force-on-force simulation training
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