My name is Alex Trafton, I am a Risk Management Consultant with years of academic, professional, and hands on experience in conflict and conflict zones. I have spent my entire adult life studying human conflict and interpersonal violence.IMG_20181226_155303_009
I am focused on a data driven approach to performance training for critical incidents.

This site is dedicated to making my findings available for those interested in learning and taking the shortcut to very valuable insights and realization about conflict and how humans can best manage it.


Alex Trafton has spent his entire adult life studying and working in and around conflict and interpersonal violence. He grew up in Southern California and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. He was an All Pac-10 All Academic team selection as a baseball player at Berkeley, and after graduation went on to play professional baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays.

After retiring from baseball Alex lived in Israel while attending graduate school at the IDC Herzliya, where he studied Government and Counter Terrorism. During this period, he worked as a consultant for an Israel based security firm delivering combatives and tactics instruction to Israeli counter terrorism and protection units alongside American Special Forces units during small unit exchange programs with the Israel Defense Forces. Alex has been a professional athlete in two sports (baseball and boxing).

Risk Management

Alex Trafton’s professional career has been dedicated to the study and management of risk. He has been a professional bodyguard for several “A” List celebrities. Currently he is US Operations Director for GM Risk Group ( and handles all client training and deployments to hostile environments. He has accompanied and managed client deployments to virtually every major conflict zone on earth. He developed and implements the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course for GM Risk Group as well as the Active Shooter Response training program.

Screenshot (139)
Alex on client deployment to Mexico with inside access to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Alex spent 3 years as a reserve law enforcement officer, part of this time spent working with a fugitive apprehension task force responsible for apprehending dangerous fugitives. He has worked delivering defensive tactics and shooting tactics instruction to law enforcement agencies and officers around the world.

Martial Arts

Alex Trafton has spent well over a decade in martial arts and combat sports training. He holds a black belt (expert degree) in Krav Maga, one of the few non-Israelis to train for and receive this rank in Israel. He holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a yellow belt in Judo. He is a Combat Submission Wrestling coach, certified by MMA and grappling legend Erik Paulson (

Krav Maga Tel Aviv 2011

He is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Law Enforcement instructor, having been certified by Royler Gracie in 2015. He was a competitive boxer, competing internationally, and has many years of Muay Thai training, spending extended time at world famous Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.

Alex is a Libre Fighting (edged weapons) instructor under Libre founder Scott Babb with whom he has produced a DVD and a book on empty hand and edged weapons combatives techniques.

He is the owner and head instructor at Krav Maga Academy San Diego (

Alex coaching professional MMA fighters

Alex founded Krav Maga Tel Aviv in 2011, and it remains a global destination for high level combatives training. He was an instructor of Krav Maga at Israel’s largest Krav Maga training outlet, Impact Krav Maga. Alex ran Australia’s largest Krav Maga gym for two years prior to returning to the United States to found Krav Maga Academy San Diego.

Alex has coached numerous fighters in different sports including amateur boxing world champions as well as professional boxers and MMA fighters.

Professional Training

Alex has extensive qualifications relating directly to the field of risk management and training. He is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and Combat Pistol instructor. He is a staff instructor at Active Shooter Defense School ( in San Diego. He has completed the Tactical Combat Casualty Care course numerous times as well as the delayed field care course for the TCCC.

He has completed several law enforcement training courses including Close Quarters Battle (CQB) courses.


Alex has authored many articles in the field of conflict studies and counter terrorism. He continues to write and is working on his second book which will look at the way we fail to train people correctly and the societal cost we pay. He lives in San Diego, California and travels regularly on client deployments and to deliver training courses.

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